Running gpg-agent on Ubuntu

I recently made it so that all my git commits are automatically signed by my GPG key (yay!), but typing my passphrase for every commit got old very quickly.

Start PolicyKit on Ubuntu

As I run vanilla xmonad, I don't get nice things started for me when I boot up. Though I normally install packages with dpkg -i package.deb, sometimes I want to use the software centre and I need to …

Installing vim 7.4 on Ubuntu

Vim 7.4 was released yesterday, and as it's not in any repos yet and there's no PPA available, our only option is to install it from source.

Keyboard stops working on Ubuntu - slow-keys

Since I started using i3, every now and then it would seem as though my keyboard's stopped working. Usually, I just reboot the machine and it starts working again. This time though, I wanted to try …

Getting Solarized working on Ubuntu

I use Solarized on everything, so when I started using Ubuntu again, not having it on there wasn't really an option. Unforunately, there's no easy way to install it on Ubuntu, it's very much left to …