Hi, I’m Michael

I’m a Developer Relations Manager that ran an infrastructure team in a past life. Before that, I spent a decade as a developer working with Node, PHP, Ruby and Go

Personal Projects

Most of my time is focused on building GitHub Actions or Alexa Skills. You can find me building these projects on Twitch at 7pm GMT on a Monday evening.

I like to learn and I like to teach. So far, I’ve given 77 presentations in 11 countries

In open source land, you’ll find me contributing OctoKit plugins, Trello CLI and various GitHub Actions


I’m the API Experience lead at Vonage, where I lead teams that make sure that we design and build our APIs well (using tools such as OAS3), produce accurate, concise (award winning!) documentation and maintain Server and Client SDKs.

On any given day, my title can be “Developer Relations Manager”, “Product Manager” or “Wiki gardener”