Hi, I'm Michael

I'm the director of Developer Relations at Kong, an international speaker and published author.

Recent Posts

Dynamic matrix generation with GitHub Actions Ensure that your workflows are always running with up to date data by fetching data dynamically at runtime
Getting started with Problem Matchers Learn how to build and use problem matchers with GitHub Actions + VSCode
The ultimate guide to GitHub Actions authentication A look at `GITHUB_TOKEN`, Personal Access Tokens and authenticating with GitHub Applications for GitHub Actions. Pros, cons and real world examples of when each option is the right choice.


Building GitHub Actions (Gumroad, 2020) Learn how to write your own GitHub Actions in Bash and Javascript, plus how to run them locally and write unit tests.
Ansible: From beginner to pro (Apress, 2016) A (slightly outdated, but still useful!) introduction to building Ansible playbooks, roles and modules, plus testing with Test Kitchen. There's even bonus content on orchestrating AWS with Ansible
Mastering Express Web Application Development (Packt, 2015) This one's technically a video series on how to build Express applications. It's very outdated now, but I enjoyed learning about video production at the time.