Hi! I'm Michael

I'm the Director of Developer Relations at Kong where I'm learning interesting things about Kubernetes and service meshes. Outside of work, I enjoy contributing to Open Source as a GitHub Star.

I also like hiking with the dog, and own too many board games.

Latest posts

Test OpenGraph image generation on Netlify locally

Netlify on-demand builders are great, but how do you test Puppeteer + functions locally?

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Dump Context Action

See all the information available to your workflows in the logs by including a single composite action

Action Spotlight
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Auto-approve Workflow Action

Automatically approve workflow execution from new contributors if they're safe to approve

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Today I Learned

Set a value in place with jq

How to edit a JSON file in place with jq

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Run node processes with systemd

Start and keep a node process running with systemd

#systemd #javascript
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Understanding .gitignore with git check-ignore

Understand why a path is (or isn't!) being ignored in your repository

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Books I wrote

Building GitHub Actions (Gumroad, 2020)
Learn how to write your own GitHub Actions in Bash and Javascript, plus how to run them locally and write unit tests.

Ansible: From beginner to pro (Apress, 2016)
A (slightly outdated, but still useful!) introduction to building Ansible playbooks, roles and modules, plus testing with Test Kitchen. There's even bonus content on orchestrating AWS with Ansible

Mastering Express Web Application Development (Packt, 2015)
This one's technically a video series on how to build Express applications. It's very outdated now, but I enjoyed learning about video production at the time.