Open Source

I've been contributing to Open Source for over a decade, and was recognised as a GitHub Star in 2020.

This page is a curated list of projects, with popular projects being marked with a ⭐


GitHub Release Dashboard — See at a glance how many commits you've made to your projects since it was last released.
Problem Matcher Tester — Provides an interactive interface for testing Problem Matchers


Action Run — Run any GitHub Actions that expose a function in module.exports, or any actions-toolkit based GitHub actions locally.
GitHub Action README generator — Bootstrap a README for your GitHub Actions by reading action.yml and providing events that the action responds to.
GitHub Default Branch — Rename your default branch on GitHub easily. It migrates all your open pull requests, retarget branch protections, updates the default branch and more
GitHub Repo Topic — Add a topic to every repository in an organisation. Originally built to add the hacktoberfest topic to multiple repositories
GitHub Repos CSV — Generate a CSV containing the repo title, url, description and created/updated times
GitHub Show Actions — This CLI allows you to audit which GitHub Actions are being used by a user / org / team.
GitHub Social Image — CLI tool that uses the GitHub API, Puppeteer and GitHub Socialify to set the social image for all of your repos automatically.
GitHub Update Secret — Update the value of a GitHub Secret on multiple repositories at once. Useful for user accounts that do not have access to org-level secrets
JSON Schema spell checker — This CLI allows you to provide a JSONPath expression and run mdspell against any matching lines.
Markdown to Jira — Write markdown-like notes as plain text and use them to create Jira tickets.
Pin GitHub Action — Pin your GitHub actions dependencies to a specific sha without requiring that you update every action manually each time you want to use a newer version of an action
Pocket Auth — A small node.js command line tool for getting an access token for the Pocket API.
Pocket Tagger — Tag your pocket articles using user defined rules, based on domain, content or even article length
Trello CLI — Interact with your Trello account using a CLI
Twitter Latest — Shows the latest tweet from everyone that the given username is following. Useful to see who's not so active any more and trim your following list
Wait for Gem version — A CLI tool that polls the Rubygems API until a specific version is available.

GitHub Actions

Automatic Issue Management — Automatically manage issues. Adds needs-triage, waiting-for-team and waiting-for-author labels
Automatically add a `Reviewed-by` trailer — Pull request reviews are important - start tracking who your best reviewers are!
Automatically approve workflow runs — Automatically approve workflow runs from first time contributors. This action is designed to be run on a schedule within your organisation.
Debug Artifact — Uploads the event.json file and environment variables as an artifact for each GitHub Action run
Heroku Build Logs — Attach Heroku build logs as a comment on deployment failure
Heroku Review Application — Create a Heroku review app when a PR is raised by someone with write or admin access
Hold Your Horses — This GitHub Action can be used to enforce a minimum review time for pull requests. It's user configurable, but defaults to 10 minutes.
Issue Checklist — Fails a pull request if there are any incomplete checklists in the issue body and/or comments.
Issue to Jira — Create a Jira ticket whenever a new GitHub Issue is raised. Any comments on the issue will be posted to the Jira ticket as comments and any labels applied/removed will be synced
Markdown Meta — Read front-matter from Markdown files
PHPUnit Matcher Action — Use the built in PHPUnit --teamcity formatter to add annotations to your Github Actions builds.
Required Labels — This action allows you to fail the build if/unless a certain combination of labels are applied to a pull request.

NPM Libraries

Action Guard — Make sure that your GitHub Actions are only running on events that you're expecting.
Action Router — Handle multiple event types in a single GitHub Action by routing using GITHUB_EVENT_NAME and the payload action
Gatsby Redirect To Plugin — Redirect from a page to another URL. seful when you write posts on external sites that you want to appear like normal blog posts, but redirect elsewhere.
Local Credentials — Read data out of an ini formatted ~/.local/credentials file e.g. ~/.aws/credentials
Octokit: Commit multiple files — This plugin is an alternative to using octokit.repos.createOrUpdateFile which allows you to edit the contents of a single file.
Octokit: Fetch All Repos — Fetch all repos for a user, org or team on GitHub in a single request, optionally filtering out archived, forked, template, public or private repositories.
Problem Matcher — Run Problem Matcher definitions against an input and outputs any matches. These matches can then be used to add annotations etc to source code (like Github Actions does)
Regex Rules — Specify a list of regexes and test inputs against them. Useful for categorising input data
URL Tagger — Provide a list of URLs, regexes and tags and have the URL returned with associated tags. Uses regex-rules to process the rules

PHP Libraries

GitHub Actions PHPUnit Printer — A PHPUnit printer that uses the ::error and ::warning functionality of GitHub Actions to add annotations for failing test runs