Keyboard stops working on Ubuntu - slow-keys

28 Jan 2013 in TIL

Since I started using i3, every now and then it would seem as though my keyboard's stopped working. Usually, I just reboot the machine and it starts working again. This time though, I wanted to try and work out why it happened.

I noticed that if I held a key down, it would actually output it to the screen. A bit of searching later, and it seems as though I'd accidentally managed to enable slow-keys by holding down shift for 8 seconds.

The majority of the solutions involve opening up keyboard preferences and disabling it. Unforunately, I don't have a menu to find this in so I needed to disable it via the command line. Fortunately, it's quite easy to do.

# Install xkbset for managing keyboard options
sudo apt-get install xkbset
# Disable slow-keys
xkbset -sl
# Disable accessibility so slow-keys won't turn back on
xkbset -a