Using INI config with python.logger

This is a quick one about how to configure Python's build in logging system using an ini file.

Introduction to vimrunner-python

Note: I'd advise installing python libraries via virtualenv

alembic - TypeError: Boolean value of this clause is not defined

When trying to add columns to a table using alembic, I ran into the following error:

Python: Dynamically load all modules in a folder

In the __init__.py of the directory you want to include recursively:

alembic - Python migrations quick start

I'm doing all of this in a virtualenv container. You don't need to (but if you don't, you might need to sudo the pip commands). If you're not and you want to, take a look at my virtualenv intro to …

virtualenv and pip - A python environment in 60 seconds

I'm a PHP developer completely new to Python. For this project, I want to make sure that everyone's using the same environment, which means virtualenv and pip. As an added bonus, this means that …