Find value of key recursively with JavaScript

01 Dec 2020 in TIL

Here’s a snippet that will allow you to find the values in the key demo no matter where in an object it’s stored. It recursively searches, and includes objects embedded in lists

You’ll need to npm install object-scan --save first

const objectScan = require("object-scan");
const findValueByKey = (data, targetKey) => {
return objectScan(["**"], {
rtn: "value",
filterFn: ({ property }) => property == targetKey,
const data = {
demo: "value-one",
nested: {
demo: "value-two",
listed: [{ demo: "value-three" }],
console.log(findValueByKey(data, "demo"));

This will output the following values:

["value-three", "value-two", "value-one"]