Solarized with iTerm2

I forget this every time I reinstall my machine, so I think it’s time to document it somewhere.

  • Download Solarized
  • Unzip it and double click on the colour scheme you want (light or dark)
  • Open iTerm2’s preferences.
  • Go to colours, load presets and select Solarized. Make sure that the minimum contrast slider is set to low
  • Click on text, make sure that “Draw bold text in bright colours” is disabled

Done! You should now have a working colour scheme

8 thoughts to “Solarized with iTerm2”

  1. Thank you – as with others, “Draw bold text in bright colors” was ruining my day. Didn’t even realise until I was almost ready to submit a bug report to a terminal formatting lib that was displaying all bold colours as grey. Cheers !

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