Fix: s3fs Permission issue on remote folders

22 Oct 2015 in TIL

I had a use for s3fs today, so off I went to it's github repo and installed it using the instructions there (which worked perfectly).

Once it was installed it wanted me to put my "S3 identity and credential in a file". I eventually worked out that this meant my access key and secret key, concatenated with a colon and no quotes.

This allowed me to access S3 with the following line:

s3fs ds-cli s3 -o passwd_file=s3-credentials

Now that I could access s3fs I tried to access one of my buckets, but found that there was an error. The issue was that I didn't have read or execute permission on the folders

$ ls my-folder
ls: cannot open directory my-folder: Operation not permitted
$ ls -l
total 1
d--------- 1 root root 0 Jan 1 1970 my-folder/

Running s3fs with a umask of 022 set the read and write bits correctly, and I could see my data fine (I also added a cache folder):

s3fs ds-cli s3 -o passwd_file=s3-credentials -o use_cache=/tmp -o umask=0022

As an added bonus, here's the command to unmount your share:

fusermount -u /path/to/mount