Farewell, Digi.me!

22 Jun 2017 in Odds and Ends

It doesn't seem too long since I was writing my Farewell, DataSift! post (in fact, it's only been 9 months), but sadly it's time to write another one.

Working at Digi.me was an huge opportunity for me to learn more about tooling and infrastructure, and I'm really proud of what we built as a team during the time I was there. We built the infrastructure from the ground up, including:

  • Building over 100 projects on Jenkins automatically (using the Jenkinsfile)
  • Creating a Jenkins global library to abstract common tasks
  • Creating Terraform plans to deploy environments on Microsoft's Azure cloud automatically
  • An entire Chef ecosystem including cookbooks, custom resources and chef-vault
  • Digger, a Slack bot that helped us practice #chatops and empowered developers to perform tasks themselves without the aid of the operations team

That's just the technical stuff too! I also learned a lot about working with a business to prioritise their needs, how to work in a company with multiple office locations and how to balance things when everything is a priority.

I really do believe in personal data ownership, which is what Digi.me is trying to achieve. I'll be watching them closely over the next few years.

Today, I started working for Nexmo as a PHP developer advocate. Whilst the operations role was interesting, my real passion is learning and teaching (which is why I speak at conferences and write books). The role at Nexmo offers me this and more and I'm excited to see what we can do together in the coming years.