Convert .wav to .mp3 and set id3 tags

02 Dec 2014 in TIL

Today, I've been listening to a set on Soundcloud that only provides .wav downloads. I wanted to save a copy so that I can sync it to my phone for when I don't have internet connectivity. The first thing to do, was to download all the tracks as .wav. I did this by clicking download next to each song in the set

Once I had all the songs, it was time to convert them to .mp3 and set their metadata. First, we need to grab a couple of dependencies.

sudo apt-get install lame mp3info

First, convert from .wav to .mp3. We make high quality files (-V 1) and use the default bitrate (128kbps)

for f in *.wav; do lame -V 1 "$f" "${f%.wav}.mp3"; done

Once we have our .mp3 files, we need to set our metadata. This is fairly straightforward use of the mp3info utility. A nice little trick is that we set the song title to be the same as the filename, minus ".mp3" by using ${i%.mp3}.

# `-t` is the song title
# `-l` is the album
# `-a` is the artist
# `-g` is the genre number (See
for i in *.mp3; do mp3info -t "${i%.mp3}" -l "2014 World Championships" -a "League of Legends" -y "2014" -g 36 "$i"; done

Job done. I downloaded an album as .wav, converted to .mp3 and set all the metadata all on the command line.