Logging: Your new best friend

Logs are not just used when things go wrong. They also help you keep track of what is going on within your app. We will look at how you can add helpful messages throughout your codebase and leave them there, even in production! We will cover common logging strategies, log aggregation, and how to efficiently work with your logs to get the data back out. We will also look at Graphite, which can help work out what actually happened by correlating logs with peaks/drops in other systems.

Michael is a polyglot software engineer, committed to reducing complexity in systems and making them more predictable. Working with a variety of languages and tools, he shares his technical expertise to audiences all around the world at user groups and conferences. You can follow @mheap on Twitter


  • Event: php|tek 2016
  • Date: Wednesday, 25th May 2016
  • Location: St Louis, USA