Two weeks as an author

24 Oct 2016 in Personal

It's just over two weeks since Ansible: Beginner to Pro was published and I was finally brave enough to take a look online and see if I could find any reviews.

I could only find one, from WhatPixel which speaks very highly of the writing style and content, crowning it the best introductory book for Ansible (out of 10 reviewed)

One thing I love about this book is the teaching style for such a complex topic. You can pick up Ansible: From Beginner to Pro with literally no idea of what configuration management even is or why you’d want it.

The author uses real world examples with common solutions to help you understand the value of Ansible. Eventually you get into working examples that teach by showing how you can build custom environments and automate the simplest tasks.

Some tasks are more common than others with some targeting web servers and others targeting enterprise-level business systems. By the end of the book you’ll know how to write playbooks, build custom modules, and launch virtual machines with the click of a button.

I’d highly recommend this to anyone of any skill level interested in server administration, networking, devops, or even web development.

This book is approachable from any background and the skills you’ll learn can be applied to a wide variety of careers.

I logged in to my author portal, and whilst it didn't show how many copies I've sold it does tell me that there have been 70 ebook purchases so far. I'll take that!

If you're interested, you can buy it on Amazon or catch me at a conference, where I'll have a couple of copies to give away.