iPad TV shows not being grouped correctly

Since updating to iOS 8.2, I noticed that any TV shows I had on my iPad weren’t being grouped correctly. They were all grouped together under one untitled TV show and then were separated out by season.

It took a bit of searching, but here’s the solution:

  • Open iTunes
  • Select all TV shows, right click and go to “Get info”
  • Select the “Sorting” tab
  • The “Director” field is empty. Put an underscore in there and press OK
  • Sync your iPad again

I’m not entirely sure why this works, but it solved the issue for me

(via Apple Discussions)

3 thoughts to “iPad TV shows not being grouped correctly”

  1. Over a year later…..problem persists, for me it was the “Album Artist” field. Some episodes had it others did not, once I deleted the value, all episodes sorted correctly. It boils down to finding that errant field or column that exists for some and not others. Ugh.

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