Introducing Happy Clients

Update: This project has been retired

When working with clients, sometimes it’s difficult to keep everyone up to date with what’s happening. Maybe your accounts team has just told them that their project start date has been pushed back 3 weeks but your production team is emailing them asking for assets ASAP. this can lead to the client getting mixed messages, and getting annoyed with everyone involved.

Based on a system that exists inside call centers, I’d like to introduce Happy Clients. It’s a dead simple app for your team to update how happy a client is out of 10, and add a note why they’re feeling that way. Using the concept of a “60 second wrap”, you can add a note to their account in under a minute and now everyone on the team knows if a customer has recently received good or bad news before they contact them.

For now, that’s all it does. There’s potential to do all kinds of analytical on the data such as happiness over time for a client, or average happiness across all clients. However, for now I think it’s best to keep it simple and see if anyone’s interested.

Go and sign up now: If people like it, I’ll pick up development on it again and see what we can do.

October 17, 2013