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I wanted to download the Forging Titanium series from Vimeo to watch offline, but it was hosted on VimeoPro and I couldn’t seem to find anything that would let me download the MP4.

After a bit of digging, I realised that VimeoPro is just another interface to Vimeo, and if you take the ID from a VimeoPro URL and add it to a normal vimeo URL it will show the video. e.g. =>>

Once I had it in a normal Vimeo interface, it was easy enough to get a copy downloaded using KeepVid (make sure to use their bookmarklet, it’s awesome).

Thoughts on this post

naveen 2013-10-06

This no longer works?

michael 2013-10-06

Just tried it, seems to work for me

MsDalfo 2014-09-30

Just tried this, may no longer work.

michael 2014-10-13

I just tried and it’s working fine for me

heidi 2015-01-02

i tried this as well. Not working.

michael 2015-01-07

Still works for me. Change to

and enter into keepvid. You end up on the following URL:


Andy Goldred 2015-02-14

Not working. Tried to download vimeopro video hosted on vimeo – no luck… keepvid and other websites are unable to grab it

michael 2015-02-16

I’ve just tried and got the same result. Looks like Vimeo changed something. I’ll update the post, thanks

Thomas Tomchak 2015-03-06


I had thought of trying that but thought, “no way could it be that simple”.

lobsang71 2015-10-27

Works Great. Thanks

Jeff 2016-04-18


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