Digital Barn 2

I’m on the train back from Barnsley after an awesome day at the Digital Media Centre for The Digital Barn. Organised by Kimb and Matt, it was the conference’s second iteration (the first one completely passed me by until it was over), and had 14 speakers presenting across two tracks.

I didn’t make it to the venue until 10:30 (it started at 10) so unfortunately I missed Kirsty’s talk which I wanted to see. I did however arrive just in time to catch Kimb talking about The day the web changed with special guest Tim Berners-Lee (aka Rachel). Next up was Craig talking about Paul Daniels (and what makes design magical). Fortunately this one was recorded, you can find the recording on Craig’s site

I swapped over to track 2 to see Dave from InterconnectIT talk about being a better businesman. You could tell it was a well rehearsed piece, and I got quite a lot out of it. It was a mix of businessy things and things that Dave’s experienced himself. The reception on the day and on twitter was that the talk was awesome - I totally agree.

Next up was Harry on Big CSS. I’m already a convert to the OO-CSS way of working, so the content was nice and familiar. Being able to say to potential clients that the methodology works, and it’s used on the skybet homepage is a big win as far as I can see. There’s a few writeups of the talk, the best of which you can find on Oliver Ash’s blog.

I was up next, I wasn’t too sure how it’d go (or even if it would work). I was talking about mobile development with Titanium, and decided that I’d build an app for the conference that does a search for the hashtag and shows the results in a tableview. Stupidly, I updated everything to iOS6 the night before so I wasn’t sure if it would still work, but it seemed to go fine and the feedback I got was that it was useful.

The day was rounded out by Rachel, talking about How to understand what makes you special. This was a personal story, about personal growth and realising that we’re all awesome at what we do. It was the perfect kind of talk to finish off the day.

Unforunately, Barnsley via public transport isn’t too accessible, so I couldn’t stick around for the after party. It looks as though it went well though (Kimb was still tweeting at 5am!), and I’m looking forward to attending it next year, at the Digital Barn 3

October 08, 2012