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I’m proud to announce that I’m gonna be speaking at Devs Love Bacon in London. Taking place on the 12th and 13th of April this year, it’s a conference for developers that’s a bit different. Here’s what the organisers say about it:

BACON is a conference on things developers love. Thirty-one tasty sessions on topics including rocketry, Go, infinity, data visualisation, and continuous deployment.

I’m gonna be talking about Asynchronous Working and my experience implementing it at Tweetdig and what I’ve heard from friends and colleagues about how it’s been implemented at places that they’ve worked before.

Here’s the abstract from the site:

Asynchonous working helps people make the most of their time. Instead of being interrupted by people with questions or asking for favours at the most inopportune moment, you can work in a way that lets you reply to them in your own time. It means fewer meetings, better audit trails and keeping developers in “the zone” for as long as possible. This talk draws on my experience implementing asynchronous working in a company, as well as feedback from various other companies that work the same way, and aims to give attendees an insight as to how it makes people more productive.

Reading the site, I’m not too happy with my speaker description, but I was in a rush when I submitted it and it seems to have worked. Definitely needs refining for any future submissions though 🙂

Michael is a polyglot software engineer, committed to reducing complexity in systems and making them more predictable. Working with a variety of languages and tools, he shares his technical expertise to audiences all around the world at user groups and conferences. You can follow @mheap on Twitter

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