Useful posts that don't really fit anywhere else

Calculating international postage with USPS Forever stamps

I just spent ages trying to work this out, so here's a quick post to remind myself should it ever come up again:

Windows 8 Temporary Profile Issue

When I booted Windows today, I was presented with a message that says that I've been given a temporary profile.

Shared Calendars on iOS (Google)

I always forget this, so I'm documenting it here for next time I forget.

ReadKit crashing on load

This week, ReadKit started crashing for me as soon as I opened it. No matter if I tried to refresh, click on a tab or open the preferences it crashed. I can only assume that it was something to do …

FFII iOS: Game Freezes

Something a bit different this time. I'm currently playing through Final Fantasy 2 on my phone (iOS8, just in case it matters) and the game would freeze after certain pieces of dialog. It's happened …

Crashplan: Network Blocked

I had a strange issue recently where my Crashplan backup wasn't working, and no closer inspection it looked as though the network was blocking me from backing up. Fortunately, this wasn't the case. …

Windows 7 installation: Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver For Windows

I bought a wireless gaming receiver for my XBox 360 controller this week, so I can use it to play compatible games on steam. (If anyone wondering, it was one of these)

Download video from Vimeo Pro

I wanted to download the Forging Titanium series from Vimeo to watch offline, but it was hosted on VimeoPro and I couldn't seem to find anything that would let me download the MP4.