Fire and forget tools that you might find useful. Mostly maintained, usually feature complete.

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GitHub Actions

Automatic Issue Management

Automatically manage issues. Adds needs-triage, waiting-for-team and waiting-for-author labels

Debug Artifact

Uploads the event.json file and environment variables as an artifact for each GitHub Action run

Automatically add a `Reviewed-by` trailer

Pull request reviews are important - start tracking who your best reviewers are!

Heroku Build Logs

Attach Heroku build logs as a comment on deployment failure

Heroku Review Application

Create a Heroku review app when a PR is raised by someone with write or admin access

Hold Your Horses

This GitHub Action can be used to enforce a minimum review time for pull requests. It's user configurable, but defaults to 10 minutes.

Issue Checklist

Fails a pull request if there are any incomplete checklists in the issue body and/or comments.
#issue #pull-request

Issue to Jira

Create a Jira ticket whenever a new GitHub Issue is raised. Any comments on the issue will be posted to the Jira ticket as comments and any labels applied/removed will be synced

Markdown Meta

Read front-matter from Markdown files

PHPUnit Matcher Action

Use the built in PHPUnit --teamcity formatter to add annotations to your Github Actions builds.
#issue #pull-request

Required Labels

This action allows you to fail the build if/unless a certain combination of labels are applied to a pull request.
#issue #pull-request

Automatically approve workflow runs

Automatically approve workflow runs from first time contributors. This action is designed to be run on a schedule within your organisation.